Property APN Size Location GPS Coordinates Cash Price Financing Status
334. San Miguel 52551706.05 AcresSan Miguel County, NM35.3275, -104.3538$5,971
$1 down, $199/mo, 30 mosAvailable
363. Allegany County Lot139.-1-5.1671.09 AcresAllegany County, NY42.2985, -77.7552$19,436
$1 down, $299/mo, 65 mosAvailable
price reduction by 1.50% on 04-15
388. Broome County161.47-1-121.09 AcresBroome County, NY42.0956,-75.8797$25,537
$1 down, $399/mo, 64 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
425. Klamath County 83375494.83 AcresKlamath County, OR42.4852, -121.3553$19,436
$1 down, $299/mo, 65 mosAvailable
428. Modoc County Lot 9037-412-031-000 and 037-412-030-0002.17 AcresModoc County, CA41.2803,-120.7575$8,956
$1 down, $199/mo, 45 mosAvailable
431. Modoc County 11035-382-008-0001.51 AcresModoc County, CA41.3164, -120.7791$3,782
$1 down, $199/mo, 19 mosAvailable
458. Sandoval 9R1136461.10 AcresSandoval County, NM35.2972, -106.7989$4,578
$1 down, $199/mo, 23 mosAvailable
460. Sandoval 10R0193531.01 AcresSandoval County, NM35.2287, -106.8249$4,578
$1 down, $199/mo, 23 mosAvailable
462. Socorro 4Z39-72A-01685.00 AcresSocorro County, NM34.4813, -106.6193$5,971
$1 down, $199/mo, 30 mosAvailable
530. Stewart County Lot017j-g-015.00 and 017j-g-016.000.60 AcresStewart County, TN36.6263,-87.8881$11,941
$1 down, $199/mo, 60 mosAvailable
538. Hardeman County Lot119p-a-009.000.49 AcresHardeman County, TN35.1455, -88.998$21,529
$1 down, $299/mo, 72 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
539. Hardeman County 2049o-b-003.000.94 AcresHardeman County, TN35.3026, -89.079$21,529
$1 down, $299/mo, 72 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
540. Dyer County Lot048m-k-010.000.81 AcresDyer County, TN36.1067, -89.2789$19,137
$1 down, $299/mo, 64 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
545. Hickman County Lot034k-j-027.000.47 AcresHickman County, TN35.9061, -87.5278$13,732
$1 down, $199/mo, 69 mosAvailable
price reduction by 1.50% on 04-15
548. Panola Lot 71054-1900000-0001201-1.90 AcresPanola County, MS34.5437, -90.1935$17,044
$1 down, $299/mo, 57 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
549. Jefferson County 370.00-1-5.181.00 AcresJefferson County, NY44.0145, -76.2434$36,479
$1 down, $299/mo, 122 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15
551. Decatur County Lot057l-a-001.000.51 AcresDecatur County, TN35.6135, -88.0756$14,528
$1 down, $199/mo, 73 mosAvailable
price reduction by 2.50% on 04-15



Steve Jobs used to insist that the rows of computer chips on a mac’s circuit board line up neatly.

He did this not because an imperfectly aligned circuit board would impact Apple’s customers, but because his engineers would know there was a flaw.

And if they released something that wasn’t perfect, it would erode his team’s narrative of excellence.

Eventually, this commitment to design quality would pay off.

For when Apple released the iMac, the translucent casing allowed the world to see those rows of perfect chips.

And the end result catapulted Apple to the cult status it has today.

The iMac is an example of Bernadette Jiwa’s Narrative Effect, or the power of our personal narratives to drive our actions.

They say that you can tell if a building is well-designed by how much care was put into the placement of its bathrooms.

In the same way, Steve Job’s narrative of total design excellence eventually resulted in a revolutionary product, one that showcased that which all others had considered a design afterthought.

While we cannot claim to have Steve Job’s brilliance, in our own small way we strive to adhere to a narrative of excellence ourselves.

This is why we bring fewer properties to market than we have the capability of acquiring.

While we aim to run a profitable company, we also strive to do the right thing by providing maximum transparency.

Thus, we disclose everything we know about a property in a YouTube video before we post it here.

This effort takes extra time and prevents us from listing multiple properties in a day.

But in committing to full disclosure, we adhere to our narrative and force ourselves to maintain quality.


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